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Ghost Tours

Presented by the Hosts of The Hit Radio Show ‘The Paranormal Show’. Your host will take you on a journey into the the world of ghosts and spirits. Telling you tales of the dead, the hauntings and where the dead don’t sleep. Along the huanted streets, dare you trust your guide… the tales, the stories and the facts of where the dead still roam.
You will find that our tours are suitable for 14+

  • Experienced Hosts
  • 1Hr Tour
  • Haunted Stories
  • Tickets: £10.00

Ghost Hunts

Welcome to the world of ghost hunting, where you will get to ghost hunt next to some of the best there is! All our staff from our mediums, spirit sensitives to those who just help out are all experienced in the world of ghost hunting.
On our events you will get to do many different things, from lone seances, group seances, lone vigils, lone hunting, EVP sessions, SLS camera systems, use equipment such as ghost boxes, laser grid systems, detection systems and much much more.
All our events are based are you, join in, watch, use the equipment, film with our easy to use professional video camera’s… and for those who are brave enough, use our ouija boards or if you want something more spiritual then try your hand at crystal dowsing or even use our divining rods.
There is something for every one on our events. Please note that you must be 18 or over to participate in our events.

  • Professional Team
  • All Equipment Supplied
  • Tea Coffee and Biscuits
  • From: £29.00 per person location depending

Radio and Filming

The Paranormal Show and Filming Our Events

Phantom Radio & Twitch

We started a new radio show back in 2023 and it went from strength to strength and we decided to take it onto Twitch where it again has grown and grown.

The next step is to take the show onto a Brand New Radio Station, Phantom Radio where we are looking to expand the show and bring you more and more exciting paranormal facts and unique finds.

Video and Filming

All our events are filmed and edited into short tv style documentary programmes.

The unique side of our filming is tha it is done at the time of event, showing you the facts as we find them. We do not have huge camera crews following us around, it is just our team filming the events as they happen. You can watch all our free videos on our youtube channel.

Special Services

All our special events are designed around you and your party.
Each event is uniquely designed for the maximum amount of enjoyment.
Each event is dedicated the correct amount of guides, and crew and each event is unique.

Whilst on our special events, you will be given privildges that are for the general public.

We can also film and edit your event, so you have something extra to remember it by!

Special Events

We can cater for all most any event, from a small birthday party to a large corporate event. Let us know what you require, and we will work with you to produce an outstanding evening.

Group Bookings

For group bookings, you must have at least 15+ in your group. A private event with your own personal tour presenter.

Special Events

Are you having a special event, want something personal then we have something exciting for you.

Birthday Parties

As long as you are 16+ then you can have a ghost tour without adults! T&Cs apply

Corporate Events

We can organise tours or events for your corporate gathering, each very unique.

A Diverse Portfolio of Creative Ventures

From Ghost Tours to Ghost Hunting, A unique experience, one that you would not expect! Let Paranormal Playground take you on a journey deep into the world of ghosts and spirits.

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